5 STARS FROM ETSY : I've ordered wax cubes on Amazon, only to have the wax last a few hours & then lose its scent, so I came to Etsy & sorted by average review & found Scotlin. A little pricier than I was used to, but it seemed worth a shot. The first thing that impressed me was how well they do at spicing up your "average" scents. I ordered Lavender Vanilla, Luna, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Citrus Agave, & Love Spell.
Let. Me. Tell. You. THESE ARE LIFE CHANGING! The scent is so strong that after opening the box, I could literally smell the wax cubes from ANOTHER ROOM. So far each scent lasts me at least 2-3 days of 8+ hours per cube, and at that point, even though it no longer spreads the aroma, when you're next to the wax warmer you can still smell the scent!!! The petals add a nice extra vibe. I will definitely only be buying from here from now on!!

5 STARS FROM ETSY : I'm really happy I took a chance on purchasing the assortments of wax melts! I've bought from Scentsy before but the fragrance ends up being too strong for my dog to handle so these ended up being JUST RIGHT! I have a small open floor living room and kitchen where my warmer situates and it's enough to bring in a light scent throughout. It is definitely more prominent when placed in a smaller room like a bedroom or office. The fragrances are amazing overall and there were some that reminded me of my childhood. Thank you so much! Looking forward to repurchasing again!

5 STARS FROM ETSY :   I ordered scents, and fell in love! I found my favorite! I had to come back to reorder. I also got a candle so pretty and chic! It looks amazing in my living room! I’m for sure a forever customer!